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With the additional measuring range and the reinforced body, this version is especially designed for punching and kicking techniques of all kinds, resisting even a miscarried kick to the side of the station.

With its adjustable height, this model especially suits sport schools and larger sports clubs. It is thereby possible to train adolescents as well as adults on the same station.

The power supply and the analysis is done via USB by a PC, Laptop or Netbook. No additional power supply is required.

Shipped without punching pad, allowing the free choice of individual pads. When ordering, simply inform us which pad you would like to mount and we will provide the corresponding adapter plate (no additional costs).


Technical Details:

Dimensions without pad (HxWxD):   125 cm x 50 cm x 16,5 cm (optional 125 cm x 34 cm x 19,5 cm)
Adjustment range:   46 cm (optional 90 cm)
Weight (no pad):   25 kg
Maximum load:   1500 kg
Power supply:   USB
Mounting:   Bolting to wall